Self-portrait, 2021.

The image of my face, hazy yet mouth in sharp focus, came to me while I was meditating. When I opened my mouth, out flew a flock of black birds. The birds took flight, even as my heart was sinking. I drove into the Sonoran desert, hoping a change in…

“You might want to reach out and disturb a pile of pigment, for example, first staining your fingers with it, then staining the world.”

Maggie Nelson

Before the pigment can stain my fingers, I must be first willing to approach it. My advance is cautious as pigment is nearly insoluble…

San Francisco, 2019. Photograph: JenMarie Landig

For over a decade I have been selecting a Word of the Year (WOTY) as an annual framework of intention, a modality of being under deep consideration. Or, as often happens, as a point of departure to see where the year, and the word, takes me. It is a practice…

JenMarie Landig

Californian, traveler, collector, photographer, writer, dancer, and advocate for shared prosperity and social justice.

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